Special Mission Group

Tier One Solutions Special Mission Group (SMG) provides a wide range of very specialized global security solutions to government agencies, multinational corporations, non-governmental organizations and individuals. Special Mission Group (SMG) consists of highly experienced and trained Tier One security professionals with extensive real-world experience in Elite Military units and Elite Law Enforcement organizations. Special Mission Group (SMG) recognizes the threat and develops solutions to create a safer environment. High-level security solutions are based on a flexible and modern approach to the provision of ‘personal safety’ for our clients in today’s hostile business environment.

Our teams are capable of providing:

  • Critical Infrastructure Protection Design, Assessments and Operations
  • High-Risk Personal Security Detail / Executive Protection (PSD/EP) 

  • Disaster and Contingency Preparedness, Response and Recovery 
  • Defense and National Security Measures

  • Personnel or Asset Recovery
  • Global Risk Management Strategies

  • Military Operational Support

  • Kidnap and Ransom (K&R) Consulting

  • Gas Oil Platform (GOPLAT) Security

  • High-Risk Transit Security Teams

  • Evacuation services