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Our Solutions

Tier One Solutions, Professionals are able to coordinate a vast network of appropriate resources while preventing our clients from being exposed to unnecessary risk. As a result, clients are provided with experts in their field who have the ability to perform at the highest level of quality and dedication.​ Tier One Solutions includes but is not limited to:

Executive Protection Solutions

Tier One Solutions Executive/Personal Protection are highly trained in many different disciplines so that we may provide our clients with the best services available. Our discreet and professional agents are able to provide top-level security and emergency medical care. Culled from the ranks of the military, law enforcement and private sector, our security professional possess a wide range of mental and physical skills.


Security Solutions

Tier One Security Solution, Security professionals are ambassadors and representatives of our client. Our highly trained security professionals are typically the first responded to incidents and emergencies on site. Every security professional has the knowledge, skills and real world experience to respond to any potential incident.

Investigation Solutions

Tier One Solutions Investigation Team specializes in complex corporate, financial, and personal investigations. Tier One Solutions Investigation Team accomplish this by actively utilizing both internal and external active investigation management techniques and focusing our solutions tuned to our client’s needs, resulting in a high quality solutions our clients appreciate and respect.


Training Solutions

Tier One Solutions provides real world firearms training solutions from basics to advanced skills and techniques used by Military, Law Enforcement, and Private Security Contractors throughout the world.  Tier One Solutions instructors are NRA Certified, Law Enforcement Certified Firearms and SWAT Instructors with over 20 years of training experience.


Security Consulting Solutions

Tier One Solutions Security Consulting Team focuses on the root causes of threats and challenges while developing comprehensive strategies to support and protect individuals and organizations. Whether managing a team of local providers in a conflict zone or implementing a crisis management plan in a corporate boardroom, our Security Consulting Team draw on extensive skills and decades of global experience in volatile and challenging regions.